Summer terrace built over the river (kawadoko) is open from May 1st every year.
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Access and transportation

How to access our ryokan


  • ADDRESS: 56 Kibune-cho, Kurama, Sakyo district, 601-1112 Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • TEL: +81-75-741-2401
  • FAX: +81-75-741-3070

As you get off the train, you will be greeted by signboard.

Tucked away in the northern mountains of Kyoto, a place that has and will carry on welcoming visitors.
Beyond the large torii gate, a blessed natural environment where lush greenery extends beyond your eyes can see.
Nature is all around, even at the retro station of Kibune on the Eizan Electric Railway (Eizan Dentetsu) where the scenery is charged with atmosphere and emotions!

If you are using public transportation

Access map

If you are coming by car

  • On the Meishin Expressway, from the Kyoto Minami IC, head north on Kujo Horikawa for roughly 1 hour.
  • Coming on the Meishin Expressway or Kyoto Minami IC, head north at Kujo Horikawa and drive for roughly 1 hour.
  • Roughly 40 min by car from the JR Kyoto Station.
  • As parking is almost impossible in Kibune, we recommend coming by train or bus.
  • During the peak season (especially summer week-ends and during Obon festival), traffic is extremely congested in the area. Please allow extra time for your journey.

Important information

Concerning the road closure to vehicles such as tourist buses and microbuses.

Between July and November, large vehicles such as tourist buses and microbuses are not granted access to roads in the vicinity of Kibune and Kurama. For tour groups or guests travelling in such vehicles, please take a look here.